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Beneficiaries (As Miss Universe)

A Foundation Of Impact

We Have A Unique Foundation of Changing Lives

The Zozibini Foundation is a non-profit organisation with the objective and drive of creating and implementing sustainable solutions to different socioeconomic inequities, problems, and maladies impacting women and children. The Foundation takes a universalistic approach to dealing with diverse inequalities through formal and informal education in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. 

The foundation has been able to generate effective solutions for beneficiaries in accordance with sustainable development goals through collaborations and partnerships with different organisations throughout the world.


Harnessing the power of knowledge & skill development for empowering women and the girl child.


Providing platforms and resources that ensure an empowered & self-sustained livelihood.


Sharing knowledge and building communities that are committed towards women & children.

Creating A sustainable Future

Our Priority SDGs

Throughout our efforts and initiatives we are committed towards ensuring sustainability as we align our work with the UN SDGs.

Our Beneficiaries

We Have A Passion For Helping Those Who Need
It The Most

We work extensively towards the upliftment of the vulnerable groups in our communities and contribute towards key areas. 

Here It From Our

The vital role of women and the need for their full, equal participation and leadership in all areas of sustainable development need to be reaffirmed if we are to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.

Zozibini Tunzi Founder

Informed By Community Needs

Every intervention programme the foundation undertake will be informed by the community needs and lead by the community

Adaptive Implementation

Implementation will be adaptive one size does not fit all (committed to an inclusive and intersectional approach)


Transfer of skills component in every programme undertaken to ensure the overall success and inclusiveness

Collaborative Approach

Collective involvement through collaborations is is one of our key elements and which allows us to ensure maximum involvement.


Making good decisions based on a defined set of values, such as fairness, accountability, trust, honesty, equality, and respect.

Partnership Promotion

Driving impact by actively promoting partnerships and strategies that reinforce autonomy

We are fueled by The Nexus of

Taking Up The Space

We Are Here To Make A Difference, So Can You!

Involvement & participation

Here Is How You Can Be A Part of The Change.

We create room for inclusive and collaborative action from various people to support and contribute towards the realisation of the foundation’s vision for women, children and girls.


Partnering with key stakeholders to drive change


Funding support to ensure the welfare of the beneficiaries


Project collaborations with various entities towards similar goals

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