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Our Areas Of Work

Promoting Gender Equality Through Education

We have developed key strategic work areas that allow us to bring about the much needed progression in regards to the welfare of women and the girl child. We have developed innovative strategies and initiatives that create an ecosystem of impact from the formal sector to the informal sectors. 


Creating educational drives

that center on the needs 
of girls and women.

Collaborative & Collective Action

Forming alliances with
organisations that share
our objectives.

Building Communities

Creating communities
for networking and

Charity Initiatives

Conducting charity
initiatives for underprivileged
girls and women.

Digital Mobility

Providing digital resources
and mobility for women
and girls.

Early Childhood Development

Developing programs that
promote the development
of the girl -child.

Empowering Women

We Are Here For Women

Strengthen women’s agency and ensure that women’s voices are amplified and their concerns are fully addressed. In many communities, women and girls are denied access to basic equitable education and have for far too long have endured perpetual discrimination and face segregation.

We work towards providing effective solutions and strategies to combat these challenges towards the full realisation of equality and the welfare of women. 

We Are Here For Girls

Bike Routes

Supporting The Girl Child

All girls should have access to quality early childhood development, care, and equitable quality technical, vocational skills and tertiary education, and opportunity to see a world of possibility.

We are committed towards providing an ecosystem and environment that encourages the growth of young girls.

Child Welfare

We Are Here For The Children

In order to allow children to take charge of their future, their full potential has to be unlocked by fully protecting and realising their rights. The safety and welfare of every child is our main concern and we take necessary measures towards this realisation.

Shaping The Future